“This Holy and Godly Church has been built from the foundation these days. It has been dedicated to the Holy Trinity and to the Saint martyr Panteleimon, now during the reign of His Highness, by God’s grace, Prince Alixandru Nicolae Şuţu, and blessed by His Holiness Father Nectarie, and built thanks to the endeavor and effort of the founders mentioned below:
Postelnicu George Brutaru, Dinu Brutaru, Nicolae Păscaru, George Armanu, Mihalache Ion, Sima Cârstea, Stancu Ioniţă, Ion Dumitrache, Matei Scarlat,  Necolae Radu, Kuna Hagica, Niţu Ghiorghi Anghel, Dinu Pascaru, Stan Voicilă, Serd Iordache Nicol.,
 Ion Meşteru Kruciaru, Milu Petraru; year 1819.”


Archbishopric of  Bucharest
District of Ploieşti
The “Saint Pantelimon” Parish
71 Democraţiei Street

Short history
A.     The head-stone of the actual church was laid during the leadership of Father Ene Dumitrescu, former archpriest of Ploiesti in 1912 .
The church is shaped like a cross, and houses, in perfect harmony, all the traditional areas: porch, pronaos, naos and altar, on top of which stand three steeples (Architect Toma T. Socolescu).
When Father Petre Tăriceanu came to this church, the works (plaster, woodwork, catapeteasma) were continued. They were accomplished in 1930.
     Between 1932 and 1936, the oil painting was carried out by the Italian painter Umberto Marchetti, in a neo-Occidental style.
Following the earthquake of 1940, the Church was seriously   damaged, and the big steeple fell down together with some of the naos walls, which made it necessary to carry out, in 1946, a general works project including: (reinforced concrete) pillars and capping of wall for the steeple that was rebuilt, naos brickwork, roof, internal and external daub. During this period, in charge of the church were the priests Victor Iliescu and Alexandru Slăvescu.
The works of consolidation and reconstruction continued with the daubing, in 1956, of the naos walls, and in 1964-1965 with repairs, daubs and painting of the pronaos, porch and small steeples.
In 1966, the repair works concerned the roof, the old roofing sheet being replaced by a new one.
Between 1967 and 1969, the painters Profeta Eugen and Zemlika Victor carried out the painting in the church porch, naos, part of the pronaos and altar and, at the same time, they restored the old painting.
This holy church dedicated to the saint martyr Pantelimon was re-sanctified on July 27, 1969, during the time of the memorable archbishop Father Patriarch Justinian.
However, the church was to go through a new ordeal. The earthquake of 1977 seriously affected its walls, which required the realization, beginning with 1977, until 1994, of new repairs, consolidation and repainting works for the entire inner surface, under the leadership of Fr. Provost Ioan Nicolae.
This Holy Church was completely painted once again using the fresco technique in 1982 by the painter university professor Petre Achiţenie from Bucharest, and its style is neo-Catalan; the characteristic feature of the new painting consists in the over-dimensioning of the saints’ stature.
 After the works of renewal and repainting were finished, the church was re-sanctified, on November 21, 1994, by His Holiness Vincenţiu Ploieşteanu, Patriarchal Vicar Bishop, on the occasion of the celebration of God’s Mother’s entrance in the Church, which remained the second dedication day of this church.
After 1998, under the guidance of Father Provost Buldan Petre and of Father Hagiu Gabriel, the following works were accomplished:
- the church’s roof was completely rebuilt using new roofing sheet
- external daub and paintings were accomplished
- the entire woodwork was rebuilt
- a heating system was installed (for the winter period)
- 5  air conditioning units were installed (for the summer period)
 - the church was improved with candelabrums.

B.     The belfry made of metallic rolled shapes was executed in 1947 under the guidance of the Priests Alexandru Slăvescu and Vasile Constantinescu.
    In 1995, under the coordination of Fr. Ioan Nicolae and of Fr. Leonte Frangu, the building of today’s belfry began, and it was finished in 2000 under the guidance of the priests Buldan Petre and Hagiu Gabriel.
    A roadside crucifix (of mosaic) was executed in 2004 in honor of Saint Pantelimon.
    In 2005 the chandlery from the south-west of the church was built (and painted).   
In 2006 were executed: the pavement in front of the church (100 m2 ), and the church steps made of black granite.

With the support of God’s will, through the believers’ love and thanks to the intercession of the Holy Mother of God and of Saint Pantelimon, all these works were achieved for God’s glory. Fr. Provost Buldan Petre